It’s Breaktime!

Founded by people passionate with learning and international travel, Breaktime is a Canadian company based in Vancouver with the mission of offering students of all ages the opportunity to study and work in Canada and around the world.


At Breaktime we can help you select the best program for you while offering also great options for accommodation, activities, transfers, medical insurance, orientation and much more.

Katerina Janusova

Czech Republic

Through Breaktime I have been able to make friends with people from all over the world. The English classes are well-structured and the teachers are very supportive. With this opportunity, you can learn about the Canadian culture and you can interact with people of different cultures.


The staff from Breaktime were very nice with me and they helped me make the best decision. A very important thing is that Breaktime has offices in Canada, so when you come, you can talk with them directly and they even came with me to the School when I needed their support.

Emma Innes


I really enjoyed learning French in Montreal with the School that Breaktime suggested me. The teachers focus a lot on communication without forgetting the theoretical part of the language.


The classes gave me the opportunity to learn a language spoken on the street as well as in the working world, thus getting to know local customs and traditions.

The help of Breaktime was great because they found me a nice accommodation, they suggested the best program and they were always answering all my questions. I recommend their services to everyone.

Valeria Rossel


There are a lot of Work and Study Programs in Canada so I was happy to follow Breaktime's suggestions based on my interests and budget. Working and studying abroad has been an amazing experience and I hope some of you can also take it because it really improves your life.


Thanks to the staff at Breaktime for giving me clear information about the best options.

Diego Avancini


I have been participating in a work and study program in Canada for the last 6 months. I came here through a recommendation from the people working at Breaktime Work and Study Abroad.


They were always friendly, organised and patient. I like Vancouver because the streets are very clean and safe but at the same time you have lots of activities and beautiful nature around   My Schools is great and it has a very friendly staff.


I would definitely go on another program after I finish this one and I am 100% sure that I will get the help of Breaktime n order to choose the best program for me.

Daniel and Gabriel Corcuera


My husband and I decided to take our kids to a Summer Camp in Canada so they can learn English and have fun during last summer.  Breaktime recommended us what we discovered were the best summer camps in North America!  When we arrived there, on the first day, everyone was so friendly and I felt very comfortable leaving my kids there.


I can{t explain how happy I was when after only a couple of weeks our kids started to talk in English much better tan they did before.  In our home country they go to an English School, but we never Heard them speaking in English and here in Canada they have really embraced the Language!


We thank the people from Breaktime for suggesting us this summer camp and we will use their services again next year for a new summer camp experience.


Juliana Pereira


I can only say that I recommend Breaktime to everyone. The agency took care of the Summer Camps for my daughter and through their partner Summer Camp they also provided accommodation, transportation, activities and all the necessary services to make my daughter´s experience an unforgettable one.


Thanks again to Breaktime!

Jason Stevens


Studying abroad has been a great experience. The atmosphere is great because there are people from all around the world and you get to know different cultures from a lot of other countries. I really liked the classes and the teachers, and I could feel that my Japanese improved every day.


The staff from Breaktime were very helpful every time I had a question and I think they guided me to the best School and the best city.

Alison Campbell


I liked my experience studying Spanish in Barcelona; the teachers in the school recommended by Breaktime were helpful and are happy to show Barcelona´s ways of life. With students from all over the world, we learn about another culture.


Breaktime also provided me with options for accommodation, activities and insurance while I was there, so altogether it was a very comfortable experience.

Adam Mesa


I took a two week trip to Costa Rica during spring break to learn Spanish and experience the culture. It was a fantastic experience, the flights were good, and so was the school - in particular the staff at the school were great; all very nice people, and a beautiful country overall. I did enjoy WiFi access at the school and my home stay, which was great. I'd do it again, and recommend all of my friends to do it as well.


Tortuga isles was a fun weekend trip to see some of the beauties and enjoy the weather of Costa Rica. Breaktime Work and Study Abroad took care of all the details of my trip, they arranged the school, accommodation and activities.


(I'm in the green shirt in the picture, with my host family & friends)"



Canada is the best place in the world to study!

English Programs:

French Programs:

Every year students from every corner of the world come to Canada for an incredible experience in this safe and friendly country with one of the highest educational standards in the world.


Exciting modern and cosmopolitan cities and spectacular natural beauty will make of your studying period a fantastic experience.

General English, Business English, Private Lessons, Preparation for English Official Certificates such as TOEFL, Cambridge and IELTS, University Pathway Preparation Program.

General French, Business French, Private Lessons, Preparation for Official French Tests such as DELF and DALF, University Pathway Preparation Program.

Please contact us for more details: info@breaktimecanada.org


Canada offers international students the fantastic option of Studying and Working at the same time!

Students taking a vocational or career program with a duration of 6 months or more are eligible to work for a whole year.


Students taking a longer program in some designated institutions may be eligible to apply for a Post Graduation Work Permit.

Study and Work Programs:

Programs in Spain:

Programs in Canada and USA:

You can choose any field of professional or vocational studies in order to be able to work in Canada.

The most popular programs that will increase your possibilities of getting hired are in Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management.

Spanish and Activities for Teens, 13 to 17, Special Sports Training, Spanish and Excursions and Tours.

English and Leadership for Juniors aged 7 to 12, English and Leadership for Teens aged 13 to 17, Outdoors and Leadership Program (No English Lessons), French and Activities. Special Sports Training in cooperation with Nike.

Please contact us for more details: info@breaktimecanada.org

Please contact us for more details: info@breaktimecanada.org

Please contact us for more details: info@breaktimecanada.org

Please contact us for more details: info@breaktimecanada.org

Please contact us for more details: info@breaktimecanada.org

Please contact us for more details: info@breaktimecanada.org

Please contact us for more details: info@breaktimecanada.org





Summer and Winter Camps are a fantastic way to give your children an unforgettable experience, improve their English, Spanish or French skills, expose them to new and exciting cultures and put them in the path of leadership and success.

Picture yourself living in Paris, discovering Rome, surfing in the South Pacific or exploring Tokyo! Imagine yourself immersing in another culture, helping the world and getting invaluable experience and new skills at the same time!


You can do all this and much more with Breaktime!


Take the opportunity to enjoy your holidays, sabbatical or gap year by doing a language immersion or a work program abroad.

We can help you choose the best option based on your interests, time availability and budget.

Learn German in Berlin, Dusselforf and Frankfurt.


General German, Business German, Private Lessons, Preparation for German Official Tests, German + Culture and much more!

Learn Spanish in Spain or Latin America.

More than 30 different destinations!


General Spanish, Business Spanish, Private Lessons, Spanish + Dancing Lessons, Spanish + Cooking Lessons, Spanish + Volunteering, Spanish for Students Over 50 years old, Language + Cultural Activities and much more!

Learn French in Quebec, France or Switzerland.

More than 10 different destinations!


General French, Business French, Private Lessons, Preparation for Official French Tests, French + Cooking Lessons, French for Students Over 50 years old,  Language + Cultural Activities and much more!

Learn Japanese in Tokyo or Fukuoka.


General Japanese, Business Japanese, Private Lessons, Japanese Calligraphy, Language + Cultural Activities and much more!

Learn Mandarin or Cantonese in China.

Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong


General Chinese, Business Chinese, Private Lessons, Chinese Calligraphy, Language + Cultural Activities and much more!

Learn Italian in Rome, Florence or Milan.


General Italian, Business Italian, Private Lessons, Italian + Cooking Lessons, Italian for Students Over 50 years old, Language + Cultural Activities, Italian + Tours in Italy, Italian plus arts and much more!






Please contact us for more details: info@breaktimecanada.org